Posted on Sep 15, 2010
Dear Friends, The Great Goddess is afoot!  All of nature sings hymns of praise as the fullness of spring is lavished upon our tired hearts and minds.  Mother Earth is resplendent in the glory of bird’s song, humming bee and blooming rose, as once again she is renewed.  Traditionally, in Spring, we celebrate by paying tribute to the feminine spirit, as the Great Goddess bestows her grace and beauty upon a world both hungry and athirst.  The aridness of over-productivity, competitiveness and logic leave us longing for her serene comforting.  Starkness blossoms, angles soften, the human heart becomes a gentle place in which her Divine Child can be born. Leaving our nests each day to produce, to earn, to travel, to expand we find in our activity a kind of empty victory.  Inside, the nest has become hard and brittle as we use every bit of strength we have to make our way in a world gone mad with power.  The deep inner sanctum of our being craves to be filled with the quieter, gentler, subtler things which nourish the Soul.  Sweetness, intimacy, good humor, patience, joy, and playfulness are qualities of the soul which aid us in participating more fully in this beautiful world.  Standing behind our senses, they lend support to a whole system of appreciation.  We become fertile in beauty, fertile in heart and mind, and fertile in all our activity. For those whose sense of appreciation flourishes, the crown of grace and beauty rests as a perfect rose upon their hearts.  Grooming themselves inwardly and outwardly, they choose thoughts which crown their mind, emotions which crown their hearts, and deeds which crown their lives…leaving the dross by the wayside.  They prune their activities only to the necessary, leaving precious time for themselves to enter their inner nest for repose. Beauty is everywhere if we only look for it…our world is the body of a Great Goddess – -Mother Earth.  If we find no beauty in ourselves, then our environment and our lives will lack beauty.  Appreciation is the soul quality which supports our senses, and our sense of self-esteem.  Modern men and women have lost their relatedness to that which is real and true and good.  The Goddess reminds us of home, of unconditional love, of nourishment and acceptance…no matter what.  She is kind and forgiving and compassionate and is always there when you need her.  She is all around you in Nature.  She is in the stars and moon and sky.  She is in the oceans and in the earth.  She is in the small creeping things, and all the animals on sea and land.  She is in the very air you breathe…and she is in you.  Take time each day to nourish yourself in nature, to sit by a tree or stroll through a garden.  Take time to be by yourself and feel the inner beauty of the within. In Joy and Love, Rev. Kathy Meyers Pasadena Church of Truth