The Art of Joy

The art of joy is having a love affair with life.
It is embracing life, drawing close to you all the beauty and wonder and goodness of the universe.
It is an expression of inner music. It is radiating joy as does a band of musicians marching down the street.
It is a blend of laughter and tears. Often it is the deep joy that comes to you through the mist of the years as you recall tender memories of joyous days gone by.
It is in sharing your joy. “Some people,” wrote the poet Walt Whitman, “are so much sunshine to the square inch.” The joyous person seems to be plugged into the sun itself.
It is celebrating life. The Master turned water into wine that the joyous wedding feast might continue. “Be of good cheer,” He said. He proclaimed the purpose of His message to men in these words: “That my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full.”
It is the putting forth of all your powers. It is the flood tide of inspiration, the glory of creation. As you work with joy you find joy in your work.
It is looking for the joys that come in small, precious packages of joy that are few and far between.
It is making the most of now, enjoying what is at hand. It is taking the time to enjoy life as you go along.
It is an awareness of the heaven that exists in all about us. As Solomon said: “He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed.” It is making each day your most wonderful day.
Joy is the flag you fly when the prince of peace is in residence within your heart.
Joy is love bubbling forth into life.